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waiting for you new project onnie neverthless iwanting that your proget was a long drama im gona satisfay whit this short drama relating an amazing story line that have never producing in korea stay strong onni and take care of your self im really so desappointement that you gona act only a special drama that contain only 1 epn iwas really so exiting about your next projet to be along drama (16 or 20 ep) Bbut im gonna still waiting for your next project besid this special drama She is such a great actress. I swear she could be twins with 4minute's Jihyun though. I'm looking foward to seeing them in new drama as main role, main couple. I have searched drama, movie, web drama and music video of her to see her. I believe she choice to not attend as well as many actors did I think it's not a problem since she got the "new rookie award" on 2013. They look sooo much alike that they could get away with passing as each other. Kim So Eun has a new drama except for Our Gab Soon it is Pounding Spike 2 it's really nice drama it is started today. anyway, she now looking for new agency, I'm sure we well hear good news soon (she's a good on acting after all).

Kim So-eun a fait ses études à la Chung-Ang University pour le théâtre et le cinéma, avec ses meilleurs amis, les acteurs Choi Woo Hyuk, Go Ara et Kim Bum.

they should have been start filming (2 month ago) as Aaron said but the didn't .. i love you since you in drama The Iron Empress and Boys Before Flower you are beautiful and cute.

so no one knows what happened anyway, wait for official news and pray that no one of them has drop it I love her acting since BBF and especially we got married.

May your heart get stronger, but always try to let it soft... I wish you much success in your career...- USA I loved her character in the drama "A Thousand Kisses"!

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction The countination of the story of a simple girl's life that meets four guys, Guys that changed her life for good As she found friendship with in them and the people around them that last for a lifetime and a true loved But what if after having alm...

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even if you pick a petite body and not too high , I still like you . so eun noona I will still be left waiting dang watch all your drama . I really hope you and kim bum can be a real life couple but it turns out he is going out with Moon Geun-young . you're verrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice...........horse doctor you had a cute,sweet and beautiful character.i'am a big fan of are the prettiest character in HD .....you so much byyyyyyyee.i'am from sri lanka......................................

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