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Nikkei claimed this week that Nintendo is to release minigames on mobile platforms for marketing purposes, and could announce the plan as soon as Thursday; Nintendo, however, denied the report. Dating is an activity where two Miiverse users go on a "date" with each other.

Due to this, dating posts have mostly died out from the You Tube Community, although there is the occasional date request.While this happens in many Miiverse communities, it happens most frequently in the You Tube Community.In the beginning, a user usually posts a post that asks for a partner.Although the company made a profit this quarter and operating loss stands at ¥1.58 billion (.3 million) for the year, Nintendo is forecasting a loss of ¥33.4 billion (3 million) in the final quarter of the year for a total operating loss of ¥35 billion (9 million) in 2013.Sales are expected to "decrease significantly due to seasonal factors as the year-end sales season concludes," according to the company.

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