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Lawrence (Jay Ellis) heads to work and learns his co-worker Aparna (Jasmine Kaur) told the rest of the staff they kind of went on a date together.When his other co-workers ask if they’re a thing, he explains they just “hung out,” but he and Aparna are given awkward looks.Jackson) and Issa expresses her worry over the idea of Molly seeing a married man — open relationship or not —because she’s looking out for her.Molly tells Issa, “You do you, and I’ma do me.” While on the bus to work, Issa bumps into one of the Latino students who did a dine and dash at their We Got Ya’ll studying for the PSATs.Folks right now are on a quest to eat up information like a fatso inhales biscuits and regurgitate it like they’re supermodels, so the more brands can put up there to showcase their histories and stories, the better.

Urged by Molly, Lawrence goes out to check on her, but the two get into a heated fight where Issa bashes Lawrence for bringing Aparna, sleeping with Tasha, and blocking her on social media.Later on, Lawrence approaches Aparna about letting everyone know their “business” and she asks if they have “business.” Lawrence tells her he doesn’t want to jump into things too fast, and she says it’s cool. in a few weeks and hopes she can return the favor by showing him around her city.During her trip out to Chicago, Molly is taken around town by her Chi-Town counterpart Quentin (Lil Rel Howery). At work, Issa approaches Frieda about ways to increase Latino enrollment for We Got Y’all.She invites him to the We Got Y’all tutoring, but learns that Vice Principal Gaines (A.Russell Andrews) has been telling the Latino students the program is full.

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