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With the exception of Madara Uchiha, whose mastery of the Sharingan allowed him to tell a clone from the original, Shadow clones also seem to be able to think for themselves and feel the original's pain to some extent, as evidenced by Naruto's clones feeling pain when the Nine-Tails' cloak awakened while he and Kakashi were fighting Deidara.Because of the manner in which the clones are created, the user must divide their chakra among the clones, potentially using up all their chakra fairly quickly if the user is low on chakra, or makes too many clones.Once the light and shadows inside their body fuse together, the user gains the ability to use both elements simultaneously.The appearance of the user is also altered, half of the affected's body becomes cloaked in shadows, whilst the other half remains normal in appearance.you may return it in its original condition within 365 days for a refund. White Shadow Dragon Mode is an ability that can be gained by either a Shadow or a White Dragon Slayer after having eaten their opposite element: in the former's case, light and shadow for the latter.

Jedi Shadow members usually wear white/black robes and occasionally armoured leg plating and sometimes chest plating, this was due to the fact that they were trained to always expect a battle and some Jedi Shadows carried dual sabers.

Similar to the basic Clone Technique, this technique creates copies of the user, however, these clones are corporeal instead of illusions.

The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power.

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