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Because XMLmind XML Editor is highly extensible, it may be also be used to create documents conforming to your own custom schema.

This certificate contains the public key needed to validate the signature.

The Key Info section of the XML Signature Recommendation provides more information on the different The Java XML Digital Signature API was defined under the Java Community Process program as JSR 105.

XMLSignature Factory fac = XMLSignature Instance("DOM"); // Create a Reference to the enveloped document (in this case, // you are signing the whole document, so a URI of "" signifies // that, and also specify the SHA1 digest algorithm and // the ENVELOPED Transform.

Reference ref = Reference ("", Digest Method(Digest Method.

The element itself is removed before calculating the signature value.

Otherwise, the signature would include itself in the data to be signed, which is not correct.

Code Sample 1 shows a few of the key steps in generating an XML signature: // Create a DOM XMLSignature Factory that will be used to // generate the enveloped signature.Another example of a useful transform algorithm is the XPath Filter transform, which allows you to specify an XPath expression that selects a subset of nodes to be signed.The element containing the signer's base64-encoded certificate.The service provider in Sun's implementation of Java SE 6 supports the Document Object Model (DOM) mechanism.See the XML Digital Signature API overview for more information on service providers.

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