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If this was a mission-critical server, probably not. If you don't already have 25 installed, and want to go straight to 26, download it and install it now. to properly build Asterisk on Fedora Core 1, you must make sure that you install the "m4", "bison" and "yacc" RPMS.Yes, it is possible to easily upgrade from the GUI tools, but I wanted to go the less obvious route (especially since most can figure out how to run the upgrade from the GUI). With that at the ready, issue the command: The above command will pull down everything necessary for the upgrade, but not actually run the upgrade process.You must okay this download before every package necessary for the upgrade will be downloaded.recently published instructions for installing the Oracle Application Server 10g on Fedora Core 2 Linux.

Also available on is the instructions for installing the Oracle Database 10g on Fedora Core 2. However, after installing the 10d database you must undo the trick to set DISABLE_HUGETLBFS=1 or the web based OEM will not function correctly.

Figure CThe first thing that hit me was how much smoother and faster Fedora ran.

In fact, the difference between 25 and 26 was significant (Considering how polished the previous release was, that's saying something.) In fact, this might have been the smoothest major upgrade of any operating system I have ever experienced, bar none. At least from my perspective, I would say upgrading Fedora 25 to 26 might be the first time I've ever said the process could end with as stable a desktop as would a clean install. That would depend upon what purpose the installation served. In the end, Fedora 26 is a slick, stable, and gorgeous desktop operating system.

You don't need to label LVM drives since the LVM keeps track of the drives it uses on its own.

The only drive I had on a stock install that wasn't under the LVM was /boot and it had a label already.

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