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You can't shut yourself away from the cargo."Been doing this run for long?" The whitecap's skin glows with a golden tan of cultured xanthophylls. He's heard all about the benefits, of course; UV protection, higher blood oxygen, more energy they say it even cuts down on your food requirements, not that any of these people have to worry about grocery money. Implants should be made out of meat, or at least plastic.The external cameras are linked to your headsets and can be aimed using normal head movements.Focus and record using the joystick on your right armrest.

Joel figures that ninety percent of this is bullshit, and the rest doesn't really count.Even giant squids don't go down into the really deep sea; hardly anything does. Joel's been rooting around down here for years, and he's never seen any real monsters."Hydrothermal vents bubble and boil along spreading zones in all of the world's oceans," the program chatters, "feeding crowds of giant clams and tubeworms over three meters long." Stock footage of a vent community."And yet, even at the spreading zones, it is only the filter-feeders and muckrakers that become giants.If people were meant to photosynthesize they'd have leaves."I don't work for Seabed Safaris," Joel says, as politely as possible. They've been cruising just off the southeastern shoulder of the rift, floodlights doused; sonar shows a featureless landscape of mud and boulders.

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