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) man got the idea to etch images of his hunts or express his creativity on a wall using stone, the concept of writing was hatched. Through time, people have used feathers for writing, and recently modern pens and pencils. There is some form of satisfaction, so to speak, that comes with writing notes down with a pen and a piece of paper.And little did he know that his idea of literature would one day evolve to modern-day 21st-century heights. Even in this new era of tablets and smartphones, the old fashioned way seems to be what is embedded deep into people’s lifestyles.Benedikt said: “The launch of Amazon Transcribe is brilliant news for the future of speech and another step towards voice-enabled future.However, Amazon is yet another tech giant focusing on the most widely spoken languages - English and Spanish in their case.“Transcription can not only ease the lives of many people, but open the door for new opportunities, especially in regions with lower literacy rates.IT’S undeniable that the world is steadily and constantly changing every day to accommodate new inventions that seem to make everything a tad simpler.And a good chunk of these changes has been brought about by technology.This means you can still use the old fashioned method and seamlessly fit in with the new world.Here are some of the best Smartpens on the market currently.

The initial phase of Project Omniglot has proven that the machine learning framework behind AL works extremely well. With Voxer we can communicate in a quick, easy, and efficient way.This idea was sent to me by someone who works in a newsroom and said, “My editor looked at me like I was crazy for asking if I’m going to get in trouble for keeping a machete at my desk.” …followed by this excellent suggestion: “Could we have an open thread sometime of things that are chill in your industry that would be extremely not chill elsewhere? What flies in your industry that you’re pretty sure would not fly somewhere else?As a company, we have focused on accuracy and deployability, whereas through AL and Project Omniglot we focused on increasing our language coverage.As a team we are very humbled and impressed by the results we have achieved and are excited by the potential opportunities we will now enable.

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