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The killer has also posted pictures of himself in his cell at HMP Swaleside, in Sheerness, Kent, taken on a camera phone, which is banned under prison regulations.In the photographs he adopts a gangster pose wrapping a scarf around his head and in another he can be seen smiling with a fellow inmate and posing semi-naked.Prisoners are not allowed access to mobile phones or the internet, but there have been a number of recent cases of criminals posting Facebook and You Tube messages.A Prison Service spokesman said: 'Prisoners cannot personally contribute to websites.They had not expected to be disturbed but Mr Witherall, who had been asleep in the house, woke up and chased them from the property.As they ran from the house Elliott picked up a spirit level which he passed to Delima to hit Mr Witherall.The 47-year-old builder suffered massive internal injuries and died in hospital five weeks after the drink and drug-fuelled attack.Elliot was jailed for life in April last year, but since then the gangster has been posting messages on the social networking website bragging about his life inside.

With the tag line "Eat like you give a f*ck," they won't ask you nicely to eat your veggies.

The entries on Facebook have disgusted the victim's family.

Mr Witherall's ex-wife Michelle, 40, with whom he had two of his three children, Lucy, 12, and Mark, 10, said: 'The only way my children and I have coped is knowing that Elliott's locked up for life and that we were going to get justice for Mark.'Now we find out that Elliott he's living it up and acting like it's a holiday camp - it's a disgrace.'He's meant to be having a life sentence but this shows he's enjoying himself and hasn't learnt anything by what he's done.'It seems as though we're the ones who have been given a life sentence, not Elliott, and it disgusts me.'Elliott is laughing and joking around as though nothing has happened, while we'll suffer for the rest of our lives.'He can talk to his family through the click of a button - but my kids will never speak to their dad.'If they want to talk to him they have to go his grave.

The teenage victim was walking with her mother when she was approached by masked Chivers, whose attack was filmed by a friend.

The footage shows Chivers preparing for the attack, before walking up behind the women and hitting the younger of the two.

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He collapsed outside his end-of-terrace home before the youths kicked him and stamped on him.

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  1. Det gør mig lidt ked, og jeg håber, der er en herinde, der vil genopfriske min hukommelse på det punkt *sf* Du skal være en uafhængig mand, der kan håndterer en uafhængig kvinde Jeg er ikke kræsen mht alder og udseende.