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Although the footage didn't make it into the documentary, Isobel had her genomes sequenced and analyzed by a geneticist and learned that she is a carrier for a rare pancreas disease.If her partner is to also carry the disease, their children would have a high chance of inheriting it.However, there is the question of how far humans will be willing to go when it comes to genetic modification.There are concerns that the growing advancements will create genetic haves and have nots, but Isobel doesn't believe that should be people's biggest concern.

PGD is a reproductive technology that is used to identify genetic defects within embryos created through IVF before implantation to prevent certain disorders and diseases to be passed on to the patient's child. Steinberg also allows his patients to choose their future child's gender and even eye color for additional costs.

The Air Force revealed on Monday that an administrative error led to Kelley's name never being added to the database gun shops use to screen prospective buyers after he was kicked out of the Air Force with a bad discharge.

With tears streaming down her face, Richard Rodriguez's daughter, Regina, said she did not know what to tell her five children about what happened to their grandfather.'I just explain to all my kids that he's in heaven,' she said.

Isobel went on to agree with the suggestion that the bigger ethical concern from the bioethicists she and her team spoke to is that countries are going enter extreme competition over advancements in genome editing, similar to the US's space race with the Soviet Union in the 20th century.

There are also concerns that medical resources are going to be taken away from where they are needed and put towards this 'frenzy for editing our children', and of course the fear that there will be a loss of genetic diversity.

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