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She clutched her purse and saw a dim light coming from a Appartment complex it read payphone .

Thank god she thought , as she hurried down the pathway there was a group of about 5 black guys smoking weed and drinking sitting on the steps of a appartment.

The length of my cock is a little above average but the girth is almost as big as Sue’s wrist.

You should see it when she takes my cock in her mouth; she calls it her vanilla Drumstick, the ice cream type.

She was a petite little blond thing, about 100 pounds and maybe 5ft and a 3 or 4, with really sweet, firm, “B” cup breasts and small but, a nice round firm ass.

She left a message and then tried another number , the man now had walked back into the house with the other guys. " A few agreed and the man who owned the house reached for her tit and she tried to back away .

He closed the door and locked it she turned around and the guys were smiling at her. He grabed the sweater and grunted" Listen here bitch you go along with this and you wont get hurt . " She started to cry and shook her head yes and he smiled as he instructed her to take her sweater off and show them her white tits .

It was probally about 9 pm and she began walking down the street.

Street lights were poping on and the and cars drove by honking at her. But then again the black people who lived in her neibourhood never were like these people .

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She just made a mistake she figured, the man who let her use the phone hung the phone up and smiled . She pulled her sweater off and sat on the bed one of the guys had pulled his dick out and was stroking it . She was beging to get really scared as the Man pulled her bra off letting her tits fly . Someone grabbed her hand and it was soon filled with a black dick then the other hand had another in it .

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