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It's Danish too, which unless you've had the telly turned off for the past year, you will know makes it screamingly fashionable.Lustre lampdebenhams, £45A minimalistic lamp that will work perfectly by the bed giving enough light to read by without the office feel of a task lamp.Custom name chalkboardspincollective, £20You can personalise this either with names or days of the week and use it as a giant diary or at least put the most urgent reminders on it so that forgetting to open your desk diary won't be a problem any more.Old zinc storage boxrockettstgeorge, £14.95This will stand on its own or you can save space and stick it on the wall.Arissa turned-oak candlestickrowenandwren, £88This candlestick will add an elegant finishing touch. One is beautiful, two either side of the fireplace would be stunning (if pricey). Paper carriage clockmoska, £48A room is never finished until it has a clock in it and this is a witty take on the rather staid old carriage clock.Made from paper with an embossed pattern concealing a standard clock mechanism.

Free bird clockdesignshopuk, £123Every home office needs a good wall clock and this just makes me smile, which is also important when you're working.

Candleman Snowboards is located in po box 33-317, takapuna, New Zealand.

Company is working in General business business activities.

Everything on this site is made by British designers.

Guinea fowl lampshadeatelier-home, £89.95They make great eating but who knew they made such great accessories as well?

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