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Applicants must also meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Company mental and physical requirements; and must be physically and mentally able to safely perform the essential job functions without obvious risk of injury to the employee or co-workers.

Applicants must receive satisfactory results from a background check, as conducted in accordance with applicable laws; and must pass a drug screening.

Even though he arrived 30 minutes late due to traffic, Shayla forgave him because they had such a great time together.

“When he arrived we sat and talked like old friends, and at moments, long lost loves, gazing into one another's eyes,” she recalls. The Fake Out The best proposals always occur when the bride is totally thrown off guard.

“It only took a few months for me to realize that Sterling was special,” says Shayla.

She had a trunk show in Ohio and he told her that he couldn’t make it because he was working on a production in New York.

She was impressed by his romantic gesture but just assumed Sterling felt bad for not making her big show.

That night she thought she was going to dinner with friends, but instead, Sterling showed up to her dad’s house, where she was staying, wearing a sharp suit and holding her final bouquet of roses.

First Date Magic Sterling wanted their first date to be convenient for Shayla (gentleman alert!

), so they planned a Sunday brunch moment in Brookyln near where her studio was at the time.

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Sterling loves all of those thing too, so the moment he saw her Tumblr blog, he knew he’d found someone he could talk to.

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