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Their open mic has some of Denver’s best talent; check it out on Monday nights! ”) and then stared at cute girls walking dogs for the afternoon. Now we’re awkward pals together and nothing could be better.

Gypsy House (1279 Marion Street) I went here with fellow Autostraddler Vanessa on a blind friend date…with each other. We sat outside, talked about how hard it is to meet queer ladies (you can’t just go up and be like “Hi! I’m completely basing this off of your nail length and tattoos. City Park, Washington Park, Cheesman Park These are both neighborhoods that are gay-friendly and parks, all in one! ) I think that dog parks are pretty much the best place to find yourself a cool queer chick any time of the day.

DATE sponsors the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association’s Rocky Mountain Open every year and their season runs May through August. Fun fact: I’m writing this article at their outside patio with my dog right now!

Denver Gay and Lesbian Flag Football League Twenty teams (that’s 280 slots! Denver Bicycle Café (1308 East 17th Avenue) The cutest girls work here.

Probably because it’s a block away from my house and does a .50 grilled cheeses.

Highland Tap and Burger (2219 West 32nd Avenue) I wouldn’t say this is a queer establishment, but when my girlfriend and I went there, we realized that there were lesbians everywhere.

They’ve won awards for Top Gay & Lesbian Watching, Most Popular Gay Dining Destination, and Outstanding American Cuisine. Kiddos are all over this place, so if that’ll make your hangover worse, maybe steer clear.

King Sooper’s (1155 East 9th Avenue) I know this is weird, having a grocery store on this list.

It’s split into two, hosts karaoke and dance lessons and everywhere you turn there’s a cute lady! I rarely make it there (see churches below) but when I can, it’s always a treat.

Charlie’s (900 East Colfax Avenue) This bar will cover not only the queers in your life who love two-steppin’ to some country, but also those who just want to shake their ass in scantily clad clothing.

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But this King Sooper’s location is known as Queen Sooper’s in the LGBTQ world. Mark’s Coffeehouse/Thin Man Tavern (2019 East 17th Avenue) These guys are a conjoined twin hipster coffee shop/bar.

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  1. In November, the Boston Police Department warned daters to be wary of people they met online after robbers targeted victims who thought they were meeting a romantic interest at a specific address. "Members of the public are urged to take precautions when using social media or dating websites because it's possible you could come across a 'Catfisher.'" Criminals searching for real-world victims online haven't just focused on dating sites.