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It looked like another weekend where I might not see Sophie as much as I was hoping. As long as nothing more happened, I could maintain control. I stopped struggling, trying to figure out why exactly she would persist. I slipped Sophie’s phone back into her purse and closed it. Like a pile of embers, the coals of lust burned deeply within, threatening to burst into flames should any more fuel be added. For a long time, we laid there together – father and daughter, probably far closer physically than advisable. ” “No, it’s because of me,” I grumbled in frustration. As the snow gets deeper, their desires get darker and begin to run amok. Traffic had begun to slow to a crawl as I made my way through the icy sheets falling from the sky. It was unmistakably evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. They bounced as she walked with that slight jiggle that only a youthful body can produce.

Her nipples, sensitive to the cool air in the room, were poking straight through the fabric. I’d been divorced nearly eight, and I’d had a few relationships, but nothing recent. That was another reason I looked forward to these weekends: I scheduled nothing job-related on them so that I could actually relax and enjoy the time with my daughter, giving her my full attention. Now, with the lustful thought from seeing her midriff still burning in my head, I wanted to keep away from her. Fortunately, there were some extra blankets and I pulled out a couple for myself. I’ll be alright.” My daughter shrugged as I set up an area to sleep on. She pulled away from the edge, as if inviting me into the bed with her. Climbing beneath the covers, I slid up beside my daughter. Fortunately, the shadows my headlamps cast in the ditches gave me at least some indication of where the edge of the road was. There was a good set of winter tires underneath me, so that upped my advantage some. More and more of her skin fell prey to my touch as she tugged her shirt up her body. “If you really thought this was wrong,” she challenged me quietly, “you’d stop me, Daddy.” I didn’t stop her. Finally, they found it, pulling my rigid erection out of the hole. Still, one false move, or one misjudgment about where the centre of the road was, and I would end up in disaster. I’d promised my daughter that, rain or shine, I’d come pick her up every other weekend. ” “It’s all good, Angel.” We chatted briefly for another moment before I excused myself so that I could watch the road. It was the gripping nature of her white shirt that really got me, though. Her full, C-sized teenage breasts were as good as exposed.

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It usually only took ten minutes to get there from this point, but tonight was anyone’s guess. Reaching down to its perch in the cup holder, I half-blindly turned it on, setting it to speaker. ” I answered, using the pet name I’ve had for her since she was a child. The musical distraction provided me some relief and I relaxed, even lessening my grip on the wheel. Opening the message, she announced, “It’s from Mom.” My focus was narrowed on the road, but I kept my ear open for any new information. The place didn’t even have a gas station that I knew of. There was more snow, more wind, and the temperature was dropping. I was just reading the weather report and it doesn’t surprise me that we’ve pretty much got a full house tonight.” “Yeah,” I chuckled. “Well...we’ve got a room.” She looked at me skeptically, noting the unsteadiness of my voice. I chuckled an agreement and pulled up in front of our room.

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