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Solar radiation converts about 21 pounds of atmospheric Nitrogen-14 to radioactive Carbon-14 per year.Carbon-14 is not stable; it has a ½ life of about 5700 years, meaning ½ will be converted to stable Carbon-12 in 5700 years.Continents slid apart much like a tire “Hydroplanes”; evidenced by the matching shapes of the east coast of the Americas and west coast of Africa.Mountains formed; evidenced by the Chugash Mountains in Alaska, folded like an accordion or Sea Shells on Mt Everest.Uneven heating of the Earth’s surface causes “Weather”; this system distributes it equally over the earth.Plants interact with the atmosphere through photosynthesis. The equation simply says Carbon di-oxide, whether radioactive or not, in the presence of Water and Sunlight causes “Plant Growth” which gives off Oxygen, the required element for Man (Woman as well) and Animal respiration and growth.

This relies on knowing the ratio of stable carbon-12 to radioactive carbon 14 in the cells of once living things, and measuring the amount of carbon-14 that remains when the specimen is found. The carbon cycle begins in the atmosphere where nitrogen is hit by solar radiation and converted into radioactive carbon dioxide in the form of Carbon-14.

This Shifted and created a Wobble about the Earth’s Axis. Look above the North Polar Axis at the constellation “Draco”.

Temperate climates now became frozen and rain forest “Garden of Eden” turned to desert across the Middle East.

Someone needs to explain how all those dinosaurs ended up with flesh intact, miles deep in the earth, wet enough and hot enough to form long chain carbon-hydrogen molecules we call oil for this theory to work, so I have to call BS.

A common technique for measuring the age of inorganic matter (non living) is radiometric dating using the decay rates of known radioisotopes.

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