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When your body is constantly receiving the message that your life is in danger and that you must be prepared to run or fight at any moment, it won’t want to use fat as fuel.

If running or high-intensity exercise (combined with nutritious eating) hasn’t shifted your weight by now, it is not suddenly going to start doing so.

It’s less than we might have been used to, but it’s something.

However, if you’ve spent the years leading up to this point on full alert, your adrenal glands, also charged with the task of producing stress hormones, can become overwhelmed and exhausted and give up on progesterone production.

Rushing women often experience a debilitating menopause because they go from a healthy supply of sex hormones to a crashing dearth seemingly overnight. Your mid-life antidote comprises small steps to change the way you eat, exercise, live, think and behave.

For so many women today, rushing is the new normal.But vigorous exercise which pushes your body to its limit is not the best option for you.It will only further increase your physiological stress load and make you more likely to gain weight than lose it.I have discovered that its impact is significant and that Rushing Women will all too often be setting themselves up for a very bumpy ride in menopause and beyond.But there are things you can do — read on to find out how you can stop the syndrome in its tracks.

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