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During a recent Executive Committee (Execom) meeting of the Department of Finance (DOF), Dominguez reiterated his directive for Lapeña to meet and closely coordinate with the Chinese government’s customs chief in an effort to reconcile the nagging discrepancy in trade figures between the Philippines and China.

The finance chief relayed his order through Customs Deputy Commissioner Edward Dy-Buco, who had attended the Execom meeting on Lapeña’s behalf.

As in these other films, Kumashiro uses the censors' tools purposely to ridicule the practice.

In a scene in which a group of people play nude leapfrog on a beach, Kumashiro hides the actors' genitals by scratching the surface of the film, "creating a bizarre writhing spaghetti of lines." Film historian Donald Richie pointed out that the Japanese censors had used this method on nude audience members in the film Woodstock (1970).

Katsu, un adolescente che ha trascorso cinque anni vagando in tutto il Giappone, torna alla città costiera in cui è cresciuto, sperando di reindirizzare la sua vita.

On the run after killing a member of a notorious Tokyo yakuza, Katsu finds himself returning to his home town, a small fishing village he hasn't seen in over five years.

“Just remind the commissioner that he should invite the Chinese bureau of customs chief here.

Katsu, a young man who has spent five years drifting around Japan, returns to his coastal village hometown hoping to restart his life.Along with Ichijo's Wet Lust (1972) and Yakuza Goddess: Lust and Honor (1973), they released Lovers Are Wet under the title Twisted Path of Love.Videos stop working when youtube (or youtube clones) deletes the video.Last year, Dominguez said the heightened DOF efforts to improve the efficiency of the tax and customs systems have found alarming discrepancies totaling P1.8 trillion between the volume of imports reported here and actual figures recorded by countries exporting to the Philippines.This massive value gap translates into foregone revenues estimated at around P231 billion, representing two percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), Dominguez said.

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