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The movie deals with her relationships – both good and bad- at the time.

Hopefully Renee will have a long chat with Lorna Luft, Judy’s younger daughter, who wrote in great detail about that time period in her fascinating book Even a music powerhouse can end up alone for the holidays.

He was photographed leaving Tao in Hollywood alone…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News 2018 is shaping up to be a good year for Diana Ross.

Ever since the Kardashians rose to reality stardom and bumped Paris off the gossip pages, she’s been privately irritated.

Being the “it girl” was fun, not only did she have paparazzi following her everywhere, but her fame brought her tons of money in perfume deals, etc.

We say “unfortunately” because the white pastel tights she’s wearing don’t do her any favors.“Caroline likes her chips and guacamole, just like anyone else.” That’s not to say Monaco’s most glamorous daughter—she of the couture wardrobe and jet-set chums—has suddenly become down-to-earth.It’s just that on the eve of the princess’s attaining real status, thanks to Ernst’s impeccable royal pedigree, flaunting it would be tasteless, if not beside the point. At approximately on the morning after the Stars and Bars guacamole feast, in a civil ceremony so shrouded in secrecy that, according to one royals expert, “Caroline didn’t even tell her father until [the previous] Tuesday that she was getting married,” the oldest daughter of Prince Rainier and the late Princess Grace wed Prince Ernst August of Hanover in the Salon des Glaces of the principality’s pink palace.As if that weren’t tasteless enough, she had the PRICE of her ring advertised everywhere by the publicity hungry jeweler – c’mon, does anybody really believe it’s worth two million dollars?And where would the not-so-famous actor Zylka get anywhere NEAR that kind of money?

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But Selena left him and went back to Justin Bieber not long ago.

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