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Unsurprisingly from the original hypothesis, the longer the punt, the longer the average punt return.

No, I’m not dating anyone, and no, I didn’t just accept a glamorous job at the White House; rather I’m a pretty normal (for whatever normal is) college senior at the University of Alabama.

The longer returns aren’t just a function of more space between the punting team and the return team.

But even with smaller sample sizes, there is a strong trend between likelihood of a touchdown and the length of the punt.

This is a regular occurrence between my friend’s boyfriend and me. I promise.) He later told me that he was intimidated (ah, every girl’s dream to hear), but I don’t blame him as I might have come on, uh, a little strong?

Due to the fact that girls talk and share an array of their personal lives (insider’s secret, people), the first time I met him — before ever speaking a word to him — I waltzed right up to graciously explain where he stood in his newly-found relationship with my best friend. but you also need to know that I think she’s the greatest person in the whole entire world and regardless of how awesome you are, you have totally outkicked your coverage with her.” Yes, all one sentence. A couple years later and an engagement ring on the way, we laugh about my stellar first impression (and he agrees, he outkicked his coverage).

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