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The child was male; the genitals, larger than normal, were skewed off to one side. "You don't have to be embarrassed about pretending to be completely cured. My vertebrae are once again complete, and now the base of my skull has begun to form again. This little knob at the top of my spine is a new limbic node; I recognize it, for when I squeeze it lightly with my fingers I feel strange passions, half-forgotten passions.And Howard noticed that where the feet should be were two more flippers, and near the tips were red spots that looked like putrefying sores. Sure, I would have loved to think you'd been completely cured, but that would have been too much of a miracle. Soon, though, such animality will be out of reach, for the tissues will swell outward to form a cerebellum, a folded gray cerebrum; and then the skull will close around it, sheathed in wrinkled flesh and scanty hair. What if my head is fully restored to my shoulders before you come home?At last, with a gush, the child came up and the water finished its flushing action. I was terribly disappointed, and ashamed that I wasn't more sincere in what I was saying. When he awoke, he was alone in the house, and he began again immediately, drawing the cards on the TV screen, storing them in the computer's memory; as for his own memory, he needed no help to recall them all, for he knew their names and their stories and was beginning to understand how their names changed every time they came together. But this time when the computer spread the cards before him -- This is you, this covers you, this crosses you -- it was meaningless. It could not understand and unconsciously deal the cards. It took days of tinkering with hardware and plinking at the program. No one was fooled by these attempts at breaking the obsession. Maybe there was brain damage after all." Connie looked at him in horror. What are you going to do if this project of yours is a failure? Memory is a parasite that dwells within me, a mutant creature that has climbed up my spine and now perches atop my ragged neck, taunting me as it spins a sticky thread out of its own belly like a spider, then weaves it into shapes that harden in the air and become bone.The legs, too, were fused into a single limb that was hideously twisted at the end. We'll free you of Anansa eventually." Still she was silent, staring at the rain-gray window. By evening it was done, along with a brief randomizer program that dealt the cards. It was not a randomizer program that was needed at all, for the shuffling of the tarot was not done by chance. The tarot program drew Joe back after every meal, after every interruption, until at last he began to refuse meals and ignore the interruptions entirely. "God, Alvin." "A joke, for Christ's sake." "It wasn't funny." They didn't talk about it, but in the middle of the night, at different times, each of them got up and went into Joe's room to look at him in his sleep. I am being cheated; human bodies are not supposed to be able to regrow body parts that are any more complex than fingernails or hair, and here I can feel with my fingers that the bone has changed. And inside the bone grow softer things, the terrible small creature that once inhabited my head and refuses even now to die.She was so uncomfortable that they spent a rather nice half hour making each other feel comfortable again. He was still mumbling the little ditty to himself as he went into the communal bathroom and turned on the light. Then looked closer and saw a baby, probably about two months old, lying in the toilet bowl. I am caught up in a story, Joe thought, from which I cannot escape. All the names that he had borne were in these cards, and all the shapes of past and future dwelt here, waiting to be dealt. He had been deprived of stories for so long, his own story of father, mother, son was so fragile now that he was madly grasping at anything; Father mocked, but Joe looked at the story of the cards, and he believed. He had only touched them the once; surely he need not toy with this fear again. The man hanging upside down with crossed legs and peace upon his face, he wore no halo; his hair was afire. No, the cat had to remain outdoors, as you will see; I actually had a valid reason for having violated the rules of civilized living.No one else in the office had been able to get to Dolores. He walked up the stairs to his apartment feeling very, very satisfied. He heard a gurgling sound from the toilet stall, a hissing sound. Its nose and eyes were barely above the water; it looked terrified; its legs and hips and stomach were down the drain. She wouldn't trade her new arms and legs for anything. Each change is a fall; each fall tears me from myself. About who we really are." Something didn't ring true in the boy's words, Alvin knew. And because in Alvin's world nothing could long exist unexplained he decided the boy seemed awkward because his father had made him ashamed of his own curiosity. And the book you were looking at." "No Dad," said Joe. It was irrational, mere wish fulfillment, Joe told himself. And the Queen of Pentacles had just given birth to a bloody star, whose father was not the King of Pentacles, that poor cuckold. Cat or no cat, all the blood is gone and now I am using my ballpoint pen.It only clung tighter, and the sores where it hung on him hurt more. I pulled down her sheet and pushed a pin into her belly, then into the thin flesh at, her collarbone. In a way, I think, I even believed in Anansa, for the moment. And it was then that the monstrous song fell silent. There is nothing new under the sun, said old Solomon in Ecclesiastes. Nothing like that nonsense from King Lemuel at the end of Proverbs: Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. But at last Howard pried and scraped it off by levering it against the edge of the toilet stall. She did not awaken, but the song ended, and she moved on her own; her head rocked to the side, and she seemed to sleep normally, not catatonically. I fell asleep in the chair, and one of the nurses covered me.

Then I'Il live in squalor in a Bronx tenement, where the toilet is shared by four apartments! All day at home she would read Jane Eyre and Joe would read it in school, hiding it behind copies of Friends and Neighbors. "You've gone as far as I can take you," Alvin said at breakfast, one day, "in everything, except biology of course. Went back and with delicate cruelty tore apart a dozen cells and made them into something other than themselves, whether they would or not. I can't tell if it's right or wrong unless I know the people doing it." "What kind of fortuneteller are you? "You're supposed to be able to tell the future of strangers." "I don't tell the future," Joe said. Therefore I conclude that there has been no phone call.It was his strongest card in their relationship-- that she wanted him more than he wanted her. Stu's ugly wife tried to be tempting, but Howard had played innocent and made her feel so uncomfortable that she dropped the matter. With Father there, they had played at being prisoners, passing messages under the guard's very nose. Had I only waited until your customary homecoming hour, you would not have come, and instead of transplanting a cold rod of iron into my lap I could have walked through the house for the first time as if it were somewhat my own.He thought of this often: at work in the offices of Humboldt and Breinhardt, Designers; at lunch in a cheap lunchroom (part of the punishment); on the subway home to his tenement (Alice had kept the Lincoln Continental). "If you let them make you feel uncomfortable," Howard would often say, "you give them a handle on you and they can run your life." Howard could find other people's handles, but they could never find Howard's. Howard paid careful attention to office gossip and knew that several earlier departures from the company had got caught with, so to speak, their pants down. Now there was no guard, and without the need for secrecy there was no message anymore. At two in the morning he got up from his bed, where he could not sleep, went downstairs, and began to program the graphics of the tarot deck upon the screen. But he sensed that something painful had happened while he was at work. As the night grew later and later, I would have become more certain you were not returning; how daring I would have been then!Howard felt a brief surge of genuine indignation that anyone could think to solve his problems by killing an innocent child. "Guilty." Her eyes did not leave my face, though I doubted she could see me well through the tears brimming her lashes. His son, all the slender five feet nine inches of him, was standing half the store away bent in avid concentration over something on the counter. He was so beautiful and yet somehow in these dozen and one years of Joe's life, Alvin had lost him. The connection was so real it was almost tangible and yet Alvin could not put it into words, could not bear the knowledge and so and so and so. The cards held tales of power, tales of pain, in the invisible threads that bound them to one another. After six days Alvin came and stood between Joe and the television set. "You are behaving like a boy with serious problems. Cross my palm with silver and I'll tell your future." "Haven't you been listening to him? Alvin noticed the way she seemed to retreat from the conversation. I understand that my fingers might know how to form the alphabet by reflex, but how is it that I remember how to spell these words, how has so much language survived within me, how can I cling to these thoughts long enough to write them down?But thinking of crimes committed on children was something Howard was determined not to do, and besides, at that moment he suddenly acquired other things to think about. Just a psychologist who was, after all, not extraordinary. "So don't go feeling guilty about it." She turned back to face me, her eyes full. Now Joe was nearing manhood and very soon it would be too late. Just as he was sure he had the truth of things it slipped away. Angry at himself, Alvin strode to his son and realized that Joe was not doing anything intelligent at all. Invisible threads, but Joe knew they were there, and he had to make the pictures right, make the program right, so that he could find true stories when he read the cards. I don't want to try to come up with another ten thousand dollars this week if something goes wrong." Behind his words was a worry: This business with the tarot cards has gone far enough, and I'm sorry I bought them for you, and I don't want you to use the computer, especially if it would make this obsession any stronger. You don't use the parallel port anyway, and I can put it back afterward." "The Atari and the hard disk aren't even compatible." "I know," said Joe. The most obvious cure is to disconnect the computer, which I will do if you do not stop working on this absurd program at once. " "He hasn't said a word in days." "He believes in what he's doing. Why do I have the shadowy memory of all that I am doing now, as if I had done it all before in some distant past?

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As the child clutched at Howard's arm, he noticed the baby's fingers were fused together into flipperlike flaps of bone and skin at the end of the arm. But I refused to pay too much attention to those feelings. Without words his memory could not hold it, lost the understanding the moment it. Through the night he labored until each picture was right: the job was only begun when he fell asleep at last. But in the end there really couldn't be much argument. We try to give you freedom, Joe, but when you do this to us and to yourself, then--" "That's all right," said Joe. He thinks his program will tell the truth." Alvin laughed. I removed my head as brutally as possible, yet memory persists.

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