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Having given up on love, Su-min believes that this won't happen to him, until one day a man from his past enters the host bar.That man, Jae-min, is a former driving client, who has fallen in love with Su-min.When I look back on the days when I was active on dating sites, there are so many moments that leave me wondering, "What was I thinking?" I know what I was thinking: I really wanted something to work out, so I was willing to overlook a .

When I'd send three texts for every one a date sent or wait days to get replies, I'd tell myself we just had different communication styles.

Now that I know what it's like to be in a healthy relationship with someone who treats you like you're worthy, it's hard to believe I let so many people treat me like crap.

Here are a few common online daters I regret putting up with.

But I once continued dating someone who was an hour or more late for three dates.

No matter how many obstacles are standing between someone and their ability to meet you on time, the bottom line is that they didn't either a) take these obstacles into consideration when they planned the date or b) try hard enough to get around them.

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