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13 while walking home from her job at the Apple store on Hennepin Avenue.Evenson told KSTP she struggled with her attacker at the corner of 32nd Street and Fremont Avenue and she considers herself lucky to be alive.“Woman Stabbed 14 Times Speaks About Ordeal,” KSTP, December 20, 2017 (thanks to the Geller Report): A Minneapolis woman who was stabbed 14 times while walking to her Uptown home said she is doing better and is focused on helping police catch her attacker.Twenty-six-year-old Morgan Evenson said she was attacked Dec.Yet it's a sight that's becoming more and more commonplace.In hardline Muslim communities right across Britain, the burkha and hijab - the Muslim headscarf - are becoming the norm.Many of my adult British Muslim friends cover their heads with a headscarf - and I have no problem with that. It is an imported Saudi Arabian tradition, and the growing number of women veiling their faces in Britain is a sign of creeping radicalisation, which is not just regressive, it is oppressive and downright dangerous. It is never right for a woman to hide behind a veil and shut herself off from people in the community.But it is particularly wrong in Britain, where it is alien to the mainstream culture for someone to walk around wearing a mask. It stops them achieving their full potential in all areas of their life, and it stops them communicating.

She is still very much a traditional Muslim woman, but she swims in a normal swimming costume and jogs in a tracksuit.

I was born in this country, and my parents' greatest desire for me was that I would integrate and take advantage of the British education system.

They wanted me to make friends at school, and be able to take part in PE lessons - not feel alienated and cut off from my peers.

A Go Fund Me page has been established in Evenson’s name.

She was discovered just hours after being reported missing by second suspected victim, whose throat had also been cut.

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