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Each year, record-breaking hauls are caught by fisherman, rugged up in fur hats and sheepskin coats, using nets.

Crowds of up to 20,000 people watch each year in the belief that the catch brings good luck.

It concerns Buxton's self-important Don Juan fantasies (it's about his alleged special apprenticeship to a bee magician! I guess I should have known, since Brooke Medicine Eagle, the plastic medicine woman who has been conning people out of money for years wrote a small recommendation blurb on the back cover.

In the end, Buxton himself becomes the master - of course! Silly me.""I consider it either a misguided set of sex fiction or a really weird sex cult."As regards his workshops, there is a review of one at which "concerns the poetics of operating outside of time and space, moving from one secret garden to another, encountering the power of the fire serpent, thetunnels of nether-worlds, the gods of nature and the nature of the gods."Yeah right! What you'll get is an unknown quantity however.

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