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As the Bogans moved from one New England mill town to the next, May Bogan indulged in numerous extramarital affairs, which she flaunted.

Bogan and her husband separated in 1919, and he died of pneumonia a year later.

Some critics have placed her in a category of brilliant minor poets described as the "reactionary generation." Aware of the success and modern pretentions of Ezra Pound and T. Eliot, Bogan and others chose to use traditional techniques, though her poetry is modern and emotive without being sentimental, and her language is immediate and contemporary.

Bogan's poetry contains a personal quality derived from personal experience, but it is not private or confessional.

To have written ' Song for the Last Act,' ' Old Countryside,' ' Men Loved Wholly beyond Wisdom,' .

Kiwi parents have reportedly been getting more creative with their baby naming.

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