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Halligen took over the private investigation into the Mc Cann case in May 2008 but was later accused of conning the family fund out of £300,000.

It is believed he was found at the home of his long-term girlfriend.

He sustained extensive damage to his face and head as the attempted heist went horribly wrong, while an accomplice escaped unhurt.

The injured man, 51, was found unconscious and was said to be in a critical condition as he was treated in hospital.

There was a lady from the travel agent shaking outside the shop, and lots of police around who had just arrived.' The air ambulance was scrambled to the scene (inset) but the victim died in hospital.

Police are searching for Anthony Lawrence, inset, who is believed to have shot dead Shane Gilmer, left, with a crossbow inside a house in Southburn, Yorkshire last night.

There is no suggestion that she was involved in his death.

The 28-year-old victim, understood to have worked at the TUI branch on Chapel Street (pictured top and bottom image), Southport, was seen being carried out of the premises covered in blood today.But within a year, questions began to emerge amid claims that the firm had not looked into hundreds of calls made to a special hotline - while specialists found that their bills were unpaid.The contract was terminated early after £300,000 had been paid to Halligen.Currently the award winning actress is filming as Belle for the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast alongside Luke Evans and is a representative for the UN and advocate of the He For She campaign promoting equality for women.Follow her latest news stories, dating updates, red carpet appearances and women's rights campaigns here.

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The incident was swept under the carpet by New Zealand police who did not charge the teen with treason because the case was 'politically too hot to handle'.

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