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It was obviously designed to deflect attention from the facts and soften Bob Jones University's image of being run by the traditional racists Bob Jones Jr. Note that at the end of the BJU website post, the Bible is invoked in a way to make it seem that Bob Jones University was being unfairly targeted for its views.

Note also that the "explanations" of the university's position does not mention the fact that the university president, Dr.

Bob Jones III, The Washington Post, Getting the Bob out of Bob Jones U.

Back in 1966, Bob Jones Junior spoke about race in chapel.

No tedious registration process, no long questionnaires.

Primary Campaign Is there a spiritual warfare being waged daily against the people of God and is what is happening to BJU currently a part of that warfare?

How do you explain the sudden hatred and bigotry the University is subjected to by the media and the political "three tenors," Mc Cain, Gore, and Bradley, who sing the same off-pitch tune of the liberal left?

Bob Jones III, held that the interracial dating policy was a "Bible policy" that they fought to defend for 13 years all the way the the United States Supreme Court.

The interracial dating ban was not an obscure policy that was ignored by the last two or three generations of Bob Jones University students; it was an important rule that everyone knew.

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Beth and Roxanne attended Northside Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC. Dean Robinson, Roxanne's husband, taught at Northside Christian High School and Roxanne may also have taught at one of the church schools.

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