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It has now reached the stage where my computer will not allow me to type the colon, dash and bracket without automatically turning it into a picture of a smiling face. It began with some fairly obvious and relatively inoffensive abbreviations: 'tks' for 'thanks'; 'u' for 'you'; 4 for 'for'. Instead of aiding communication it can be a barrier.But as it has developed its users have sought out increasingly obscure ways of expressing themselves which, when you think about it, entirely defeats the purpose. With my vast knowledge of text language I had assumed LOL meant 'lots of love', but now I discover it means 'laugh out loud'. I can work out BTW (by the way) but I was baffled by IMHO U R GR8.It's partly the physical sensation - the feel and smell of good paper - and partly the minor triumph of finding the word you seek, but it's rare to open a dictionary without being diverted somewhere else.Scroll down for more The eye falls on a word you've never seen before or one whose meaning you have always wanted to check, and you close the dictionary just a little bit richer for the experience.So me and some of the other girls would take guys in the back room for ********, handjobs, *** ***** and sex. They have something I want and I have something they want. I was homeless during my final year of college and for a year following.

Leafing through a good dictionary in search of a single word is a small voyage of discovery - infinitely more satisfying than looking something up on the internet.One thing led to another and in a month I had sex for money. I was walking home from the store with the groceries ( or at least the ones I could afford) when a guy came up to me and said " I'll pay you 3,600 dollars if you come with me to my apartment and explore my sons body" I knew what he was... Recently my daughter was born and I take maternity social lev 100 ( 69... I'm 32 now, when I was 25 I used to clean the house of a 60 yr old gentleman. He acted all flirty and would slap my *** once in awhile. I actually really enjoyed the sex & when I asked him why he paid me...I did it about a year and three years later I had a restart. I was born into poverty that most people can't comprehend. I've sucked **** for drinks so many times I can't even remember.I was making barely enough to live on, but working on my thesis left little time to work during daylight hours. After finishing school I found myself living alone just inside Tokyo waiting to start my first semester of university.I had the money I needed to go to school, but not much else.

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