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Approximately 30% of horses for meat export originates from the feral population.The hides and hair of these horses are also used and sold.These demanding challenges for riders are held in New South Wales at Dalgety, Tamworth and Murrurundi Their environmental impact may include soil loss, compaction, and erosion; trampling of vegetation; reduction in the vastness of plants; increased tree deaths by chewing on bark; damage to bog habitats and waterholes; spreading of invasive weeds; and various detrimental effects on population of native species.Horse trampling also has the potential to damage waterways and bog habitats.Wild Brumbies are used in Brumby training camps by organisations that promote positive interaction between troubled, high-risk youths.

The gene causes lightening in parts of a horse’s coat, resulting in a mealy coloured muzzle, forearms, flanks, and the belly.

Wild Brumbies are also used in the Brumby catch and handle event in stockman’s challenge competitions, where riders are required to catch a free running Brumby from their horse within a time limit of a few minutes.

Sectional points are awarded for the stockman’s challenge for care and skill in catching the Brumby and their ability to teach them to lead.

It is sometimes seen in chestnut horses with flaxen coloured manes and tails.

The Pangaré Brumbies appear to have adapted well to their coastal environment, where they are consuming saltbush, which they do not appear to be damaging.

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