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He explained that Sufi doctrines have been targeted unreasonably and expressed his concerns about the origins of Karakaria.He added that he also has concerns about the attitude of the Ministry of Religious Affairs toward such issues.The activists were eventually given heavy prison terms, ranging from 6 to 25 years, for “attempting to overthrow the political system”, “spreading false rumours about the Libyan regime” and “communicating with enemy powers”.Human rights activists dismissed the charges, which they said were invented by the government to justify the arrest and the heavy sentencing passed.For forty two years the Libyans have been trying in vain to break free from Gaddafi's dictatorial grip, but somehow the events always succeed to circumvent.

It appears to be popular in Morocco, where it has its headquarters in the country town of Temsamane.They camped for days on end, but no solicitors arrived; and soon afterwards the euphoria faded away, as it usually does.Gaddafi then responded with a billion fund for "housing & development", to water down the events, prevent further events, and please the impoverished population – just as the Saudi king soon afterwards did in response to his suppressed uprising in ( The second part of the February Uprising was actually started by peaceful women, and children, on the 15th of February 2011, when they took to the streets of glorious Benghazi protesting about the massacre of their beloved ones who disappeared in Abu Salim Prison in 1996.Followers of the group apparently roam around wearing a “uniform” of a cloak of different colours.Photographs of members of the Karakaria community at the shrine of Sidi Lakhdar Ben Khloof in Mostaganem created a great debate on social networks.

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