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Sources claim that Wizkid was punched in the face during the fight.

The fight was ignited over a supremacy fight between the two Nigerian artiste on who is to perform first at the event.

A short walk from the Manhattan Detention Center—the jail’s official name—stands Breakroom, a tiny burger and taco joint wedged between a couple of Bail Bondsman offices and a nail salon. The fact of the matter is most people with functioning taste buds will attest that the bacon cheeseburger is the finest of all burgers.

This may seem a fairly odd location for a restaurant that does exactly one fancy thing to an otherwise simple burger, but that one inspired touch could brighten the mood of someone who just dropped hundreds (or thousands) they’ll never get back at one of the places on the block to get a friend or relative out of the pokey. They simply don’t realize it because they’re emotionally crippled by the guilt they feel with regard to their place atop the food chain. Well, it turns out there is a burger better than a bacon cheeseburger.

A block away from a jail, you’ll bite into something that tastes exactly like freedom.

It’s time those of us in Flyover Country had better options than Panda Express and our local purveyors of General Tso’s Chicken. Its cuisine can’t be accurately represented by one type of restaurant.

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