The derivatives of the verb "predation, predator" are secondary (as indicated by the American Heritage Dictionary). The real issue I think is "predate" vs "depredate". "Predate" means to come before in time etc and doesn't mean "to prey upon", the correct word for which is "depredate". The following post is from Tony Diamond: Pre-dating versus depredating; and auk wrecks in North Atlantic Regarding this continuing debate; if we would go back to using hyphens, this would be so much easier! To obtain contact information for your local wildlife biologist or technician, please visit: If the application is approved, a permit will be issued within 10 days of TPWD receiving the complete permit application and application processing fee.Applicants who include an email address in the permit application will have the permit issued electronically (via email).This is a good question and one seen many times previously.I think the main issue is around the verb "to predate" as this seems to have two meanings in English as currently used.Permit applications must be submitted to the TPWD Wildlife Permits Office.

Rather, a permit from the United States Department of the Interior or the United States Department of Agriculture is required to kill migratory birds.

Any game animal or game bird killed under the authority of this permit must be immediately field dressed, maintained in edible condition, and donated to a charitable institution, a hospital, a needy person, or any other appropriate recipient.

The permit holder and other harvesters may not keep any part of the animal, including antlers or horns.

The presence of public roads does not affect the contiguity of tracts.

If the tracts are not contiguous, a separate application and fee must be submitted for each tract.

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