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Everyone in your organization is potentially a problem-solver and an innovator.

If you have an idea-rich culture of continuous learning and improvement, your employees are always thinking: "How can I do this easier, faster, better or less expensively.” Some companies have tried a “suggestion box.” Employees write ideas or recommendations on a form and put them in a labeled drop-box.

A "clear all" button appears: To use an Auto Suggest Box, you need to respond to 3 user actions.

The Text Changed event occurs whenever the content of the text box is updated.

Use the event args Reason property to determine whether the change was due to user input.

If the change reason is User Input, filter your data based on the input.

To control how items are displayed in the suggestion list, you can use Display Member Path or Item Template.

Adding a new font into Growtopia may make Growtopia a little more aesthetically pleasing and may prevent fake Global Messages or Impersonating broadcasts. Really detailed and intriguing to click the stuff's! I'd say make it an event item, or a somewhat hard-to-craft item. This would also make it something fun to aim to make and all that. Once she’s dead, there will be a event called “Pandora’s Explosion” which will cause “200, 1-20 Rarity”, “50, 21-30 Rarity”, “25, 31-50 Rarity”, “0-10, 51-110 Rarity” and over 50 Pandora related items to spawn around the world and you have 2 hours to collect them.

Growtopia uses ''Century Gothic Bold'' as it's font. That way, the value of the items would remain somewhat in-tact.

Your ideas can help share the direction in which Temple Judea heads. If at all possible, please include your name and e-mail with your submission so we can tell you how we are addressing your suggestion.

“You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success.

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