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Failing to make the time to include your boyfriend in your life may increase the temptation to cheat with someone nearby.

With the advent of smart phones, webcams and text messaging, your guy who lives in another state doesn't have to feel so far away.

Of course, we've discussed this and it's not the sex that we're both so looking forward to, but just the closeness and the intimate times.

Consider starting these conversations after one to two years of dating.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I better find a hotel with a bar, just in case.............;-)I pretty much did what you are thinking.Hi all: I met this guy from another state which is just a few hours away. I am thinking to get a room in a hotel and meet him in a public place. I went to visit and was only right I got a hotel room to stay at, being a female meeting in a publlic place is good until you feel comfortable if you don't like him head to the hotel bar and see whats available there Well, my situatuion is totally different.When distance is involved, however, how your relationship evolves and is defined depends on how committed you each are to the relationship.Without a strong commitment to one another, you might find that distance is a factor in the temptation to cheat or break up.

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I'm very secure in the fact that he is a wonderful man and will treat me like a queen. we're not youngsters, but we think and act and feel young.

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