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A big thank you to them for helping us improve our collection!If you want to contribute in making the template gallery awesome, please share your templates by reaching out on Twitter or by email. Finally, you want to make sure your readers get your key message even if they don’t scroll all the way down the email.Try to design your messages in order of importance, with the most relevant elements at the top.That’s why we decided to build MJML with a hybrid coding and a mobile-first approach in mind.

We’ve already received many contributions from the community, including templates like Arturia and Proof .

But your newsletter is still one of the best ways to keep your customers and fans informed and up to date.

And there are a lot of ways in which you can make sure your newsletter is an effective and impressive representation of your brand—particularly if you’re a marketing automation user. Send your company newsletters as list emails; anyone who subscribes to your newsletter should be placed on a list specifically for that purpose.

You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by long paragraphs of written text in tiny fonts, especially while reading on mobile devices.

Providing a snippet of the text and inviting recipients to read more on your website or blog is a good way to avoid text-heavy messages and also to drive traffic to your website.

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However, as a best practice, avoid putting too many columns (ie, more than 4) in the same row.

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