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Egyptian army had established their base at Gondokora the area located around Southern Khartoum and by 1869, Egyptian had raided and destroyed the Lango and Ancholi religion in the modern day Uganda.African music and dances brought people together; communities’ rites and ceremonies were accompanied by songs and dances.

Apart from few communities such as the pastoral Maasai who never tilled land; other communities cultivated a variety of crops by using different farming methods, tools and crops were passed from one community to another.These included burial rites purifications, rituals naming of ceremonies and prayers to bless soldiers before they went to war.Religious activities took place at different levels such as family level, clan level and community level e.g.Therefore social interactions strengthened through marriage. At the same time marriage led to emergence of new culture examples Swahili culture as the result of mixture of Bantu and Arab culture.African communities used various kinds of metal to make tools, weapons, utensil and ornaments; some of the widely used metals were iron, Bronze, Gold, Copper and tin.

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