Dating a man without a college degree

not having a degree is an issue, if the relationship is otherwise happy.

I can think of many relationships where both partners being in academia is the problem, like, one person has a better opportunity so the other one has to put their their own education or career on hiatus for a while, or the couple has to live apart for long periods because they can’t get jobs that are reasonably close together.

He’s taking online classes and collaborating on a startup, but doesn’t plan to finish his degree.

This doesn’t bother me, or adversely affect the relationship.

But this doesn’t stop me from getting anxious about the education discrepancy.They spend date nights writing new theorems; I spend date nights playing Starcraft.It can make parties a little weird: “Oh, your partner developed an entirely new model of fish ecology? Mine couldn’t come because he’s still washing tables.”I already have a lot of anxiety about my career. I feel awful for making this all about me and my flawed, academia-instilled value system, but my brain won’t shut up about it.But moments of crisis are sometimes moments of transformation, so we’re going in. It affects my career not at all and us socially not at all.My mom has an advanced degree, my dad has a certificate from a technical college. I can think of zero relationships among my peers where having a degree vs.

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It’s not like academics have an easier or better road romantically, family-wise, or getting-hired-wise.

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