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Vi grundlagde vores zoo tilbage i 1980, og langsomt kom der flere og flere fisk til, som de lokale fiskere bragte i land.I dag kan vi byde på omkring 70 forskellige fiskearter, så du får et sjældent indblik i havets fascinerende virkelighed. 1948, Evening meeting: There was an audience of about 6000 to an evening meeting with 50 riders from Thy Motor Sport, Skive, North Jutland Motor Sport (NMS) i Aalborg, Herning og Hjorring. Because some riders did not make it to the track in due time, because they earlier on the day had ridden in a meeting in Skive, some changes in the programme were needed. Dispone inoltre di Internet Wi-Fi, un business centre e un ascensore.Located in the North Jutland region, Thisted town at the northern coast of the Limfjord has been a human settlement since the stoneage, where hunters and fishermen could live, protected from the North Sea. The meeting got delayed until the ambulance returned to the track. But the audience had fun, when the riders “sailed” through the bends and from time to time tumbled around at the safety fence or simply slipped amid the track. Despite the rain more than 4000 people came through the turnstiles, so Thy Motor Sport was happy with the entrance fee.

I vores zoo kan du få et unikt indblik i de spændende og sjældne fiskearter fra Nordsøen, ligesom vi også har mere almindelige fisk som torsk, tunger, rødspætter, ål og pighvarrer.

1952: Sunday morning came with a monsoon like rain as habit is in Thisted.

However the meeting showed good sport and many fine heats, although the track was somewhat challenging for the riders after rain in the morning and caused a few crashes, of which one hit Svend Larsen from Stenlose so hard, that he could not ride in the final heat.

The only incident was a crash that hit the senior rider Christian Dahl from Randers, who came under his bike.

Almost compulsory it rained in the morning, but the track was dry during the meeting and improved along the day.

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And so were also 5000 spectators, who also were satisfied with the organization and the well ridden heats.

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