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"Such justifications," he declared, "would never have been a basis for divorce in the 1950s when the stigma attached to marital breakdown was such that divorcees weren't allowed in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot." Ah yes, what a golden age it was, when divorcees were shunned by polite society.

That's not the only way in which the postwar years are currently being subjected to dubious revisionism.

Take Sir Paul Coleridge, an English high court judge and founder of the Marriage Foundation, an organisation set up to tackle the "scourge" of divorce.

According to the Centre for Policy Studies, more women than ever aspire to marry someone who earns more than they do, giving them the option of staying at home.

Internet chat rooms are full of wistful wannabe housewives. No, but perhaps she is in need of a reality check about the housewife's lot.

A 1950s' revival is under way, and while some aspects are benign – the Mad Men-inspired fashions and make-do-and-mend culture – others are less so.

The housewife, knocked off her pedestal by 1960s' radical feminists, has had her status lovingly restored, but in airbrushed form.

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