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At the time I had recently moved to the engineering department and recall one of the early programmers, Al Levy, stating at that time that he felt that the 6502 held great promise for graphical interface support and that it would be a processor worth exploring further.This might have been just after Jobs and Wozniak were shown the door out. Nothing further developed, save for this remembrance.-Thomas "Todd" Fischer - Some new potential of resources may bring this project back to life.Some important changes are possibly coming about that have the potential to reanimate this grand effort that has held so much promise and hope.There were still some troubling aspects such as designs based on parts that were of limited lifespan, and a very awkward software architecture that lacked an intuitive and user-friendly interface.Howard dropped out as his interests drifted to other projects he was working on, so nothing progressed much beyond 2006. I had planned on sending them to Christie's Auction House in London a couple of years ago for their "Movies and Memorabilia" auction, but as time grew shorter and lack of verifiable security for these irreplaceable items loomed, I decided to cancel.

Personally, I think Matt Bors absolutely nailed Jobs in this parody!

They include full-size 11 x 17 copies of schematics and assembly drawings as originally produced by IMSAI.

It is the most complete version of the 8080 manual ever produced!

The year 2013 strikes the 30-year mark since the release of "War Games".

The year 2012 marked the 30-year anniversary of my shipping these original props to Mandy Films/MGM Studios for the War Games filming.

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I had been working for IMS Associates for a few months previous (which would become IMSAI a few months later), and was not present when Jobs and Wozniak gave their spiel.

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