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This Chinese catchword works more or less like an adjective, and means “like a dog” (Adjective 成狗).

So you can add anything you want in the front, like 饿成狗 “hungry like a dog”; 热成狗 “hot like a dog”; 穷成狗 “poor like a dog”, anything you want. That’s why here “萌萌” actually means the same as “萌”.

This word doesn’t actually have a meaning, it is a modal word like “Oops”, “ta-da” or “boing!Now, if you google Duang, in addition to Jackie Chan’s face, you’ll see this everywhere: Since Duang didn’t have a character associated with it in Chinese, netizens came up with this: It’s a combination of Jackie Chan’s name in Chinese Duang written on top.^^ Later on, out of nowhere, a netizen remixed this advertisement with the music of 庞麦郎 Pang Mai Lang’s “My sneaker” “我的滑板鞋” ( Nowadays in China, a lot of sayings are used to express how tired or bored we feel, but the most popular slang expression is this one: “累成狗” (leì chéng gǒu, tired like a dog).Currently, we moderate chat projects in Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and other languages.Our chat operators are all native- speakers, not necessarily living in their respective homelands but instead spread around the world.

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It was a big hit not only in China but also in some parts of the world (hello 9gag): DUANG.

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