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"At least Sting brings you the best stuff." Cindy said. I don't really like myself right now." The silence was shorter this time. E never even reach lab." she thumbed her nostrils and sniffed and giggled at nothing. The kitchen was clean, fully equipped and well-arranged unlike the bedroom. " "Good night Jen, I'll see you tomorrow." They hugged each other in the car. She turned to wave at him before entering the compound. *** Lade drew a short, thin line of the white powder on the tray with a thin, hollow cylinder made of a small sheet of paper. "Na me, Cindy," she heard a female voice reply from behind the door. Her pajamas accentuated the curves on her body and her dimple was always there like a permanent fixture on her pleasant face. This morning however, she held a cold sachet of water to her head and had lines on her depressed face "Spencer don show? She had some education and held it over the rest of them like some special skill she'd acquired which they hadn't; even though they all were Sting's girls. Cindy does a second line while Lade goes to lie on the bed. Cindy was in her late twenties, plump and beautiful even without her make up. There is some Calvin-Klein on the dressing table, help yourself." After all the years with Sting and the girls, Lade still preferred to express herself in English.

It could use some cleaning." "I'll do it later in the day. like sleeping, or watching TV all day." "Your own better na," Cindy scoffed. They both relapsed in silence and began rolling up the Indian hemp. Banks kept his face straight and his doubts to himself. My schedule isn't what it used to be either..once in a while won't be a bad idea. and since we see a lot of each other, why don't we...? This was the first time she was saying it out straight. but just the two of us." Jennifer steals a glance at him first. Banks pulled up by the curb of the street just outside Jennifer's mother's house. "I'm sorry if I've been a boring companion tonight. She steepled her fingers, and put on a serious frown on her face.

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