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She usually went to his fridge and helped herself to a soda, but this time, she stood near the door and stammered as she tried to speak. “Now Candy, would you please tell me again what it is you want me to do for you.” The wine had done its job. With a quick side glance at her mother, Candy plainly stated. Rubbing her belly and tits, he leaned over and passionately kissed her lips.“I want you to fuck me.” Henry turned to Candy’s mother. Your teenaged daughter just asked me, a much older man, to fuck her virgin pussy.” “Henry, I’ve talked about sex with Candy for months. I’ll be here whenever you want me, and stay for as long as you like.” Janie added. He then sat Candy up and pushed her dress off her shoulders.Janie stood 5'6" and weighed 120 to 140 pounds. She had a set of breasts that made Henry’s mouth water. Henry had a great time watching all the young girls running, giggling, and jumping on the trampoline.Over the past couple of years, Janie had put on about twenty or thirty pounds. “A little, yes.” Candy’s voice was trembling again. He was hard nearly all evening just from watching all the bouncing boobs.

His wife of 30 years had passed away a couple of years ago. Janie moaned and sucked harder as Henry grabbed her hair, pulled her face to his crotch. She then stood, showed her mouth full of cum to Candy, and swallowed. I have nothing but time for her.” Dropping her robe and revealing her luscious body in her deep blue baby-doll, Janie asked. It was much too thick for Janie to close her hand around. She kissed and licked the entire shaft before taking it into her mouth. Her mouth was hanging open, and she occasionally licked her lips. Have her come back next week after her sixteenth birthday party. She’s afraid you think she’s a baby now.” “Of course, I’ll be slow and gentle with her. His cock quickly grew to its full seven and a half inches. Candy, you will like this.” Candy stared wide-eyed at Henry’s cock. When Henry gently pushed down on Janie’s shoulder, she sunk to the knees. “Take Candy home, use the next week to make sure she wants to do this. We both know it’s going to hurt her, just please go slowly and be gentle with her.At one time, during a rather heated discussion about her future sex life, Candy blurted out that she wanted you to teach her about sex. I finally realized she was serious.” Janie paused to gather her thoughts then continued. I would much rather you teach her about sex than have some punk of an octopus do her in the back seat of his car. They’ll want to take her virginity in the back seat of some damned car. I want you to show her how to make love, not just get fucked and knocked up.” Janie finally asked what Henry thought was a very important question. We’ll both be here for you whenever you want, if you want us.” Henry told Janie. When Candy’s breathing became more rapid and a bit labored, Henry pulled her up to his chest and kissed her deeply. Just stand and let me take a good look at you.” Henry dropped his robe and sat on the edge of his bed.“If you do this, will you use condoms or some other form of contraceptive? He sat her up, stood, took her by the hands, and helped her stand up. With her standing next to his king sized bed, Henry had Candy slowly turn.

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I wanted her to make better choices than I did when I was her age. “And I’ll come over now and then if you’d like to see me. Henry unhooked her bra and laid her back on his lap.

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