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Broader challenges include the very limited resources, capacity, and in some cases political will to support data production, collection, and monitoring across the SDG agenda as a whole, which includes 244 SDG indicators under its 17 goals.

Global surveys found that less than half of respondents believed that elections officials are impartial.

Nevertheless, if there were any doubts about the scale of the challenge of achieving SDG16, the findings of this report will dispel them.

The report also highlights the many gaps but also some opportunities in terms of the data for measuring SDG16 targets.

Over the past decade, rates of homicide have decreased in many parts of the world, with intentional homicide as a proportion of all violent deaths dropping from 75 to 69 per cent.

However, the level of violence in armed conflict in 20 is higher than at any time since the end of the Cold War.

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