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The approved sequences among these courses are listed below. Students wishing to take a three-quarter Physical Sciences sequence may take PHSC 11100-11200-11300, although at present only one of PHSC 11200 and PHSC 11300 is offered in any given year.The PHSC courses in the Geosciences category are PHSC 10100 Origin and Evolution of the Solar System and the Earth, PHSC 10800 Earth as a Planet: Exploring Our Place in the Universe, PHSC 10900 Ice-Age Earth, PHSC 11000 Environmental History of the Earth, PHSC 13400 Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast, PHSC 13500 Chemistry and the Atmosphere, and PHSC 13600 Natural Hazards.Statistics teaches us how to interpret experimental results and how to assess a level of confidence in the conclusions derived from them, while computer science enables us to analyze large and complex data and simulate physical processes whose properties cannot be determined mathematically.The techniques developed and applied to scientific inquiry provide valuable tools to the basis of inquiry in any field, and indeed in our lives in general.Under no circumstances may a student get credit for both PHSC 10100 and PHSC 10800. The combinations listed are for students who completed PHSC 13500 in Autumn Quarter 2014 or earlier.Below is a summary of approved courses: Two new sequences are available that pair Geosciences and Astronomy and Astrophysics courses.Students who seek to deviate from the combinations identified here must submit a petition to the master of the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division, Harper Memorial Library 235 (HM 235).

The physical sciences contribute to this mission in teaching the principles of experimentation, observation, and the principles of scientific inquiry.Physical Sciences (PHSC) courses fall mainly into four general categories that we might conveniently label as "Physics," "Astronomy and Astrophysics," "Geosciences," and "Chemistry." As a general rule, courses from two different categories may not be combined to satisfy the two-quarter general education requirement in the physical sciences.Some PHSC courses restrict registration for students beyond the second year.Chemistry and physics are advanced through laboratory experiments that study the structure of nature and build models which we extrapolate from those observations.Astronomy and geophysical sciences develop methods to make inferences about the world around us based on observations which cannot always be recreated in a laboratory.

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It is strongly recommended that the general education sequence in the physical sciences be completed in the first two years.

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