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" At 3pm, the Animal Life Guard Action Group Facebook updated at 3pm that they have given the photos to three animal experts to examine, and all three agreed that this was the carcass of a dog.The Animal Life Guard Action Group Facebook noted that if a restaurant is forthright in its business, it should not be afraid of any investigation.Just don’t sell anything illegal or stolen and you should be alright.

If a crime took place, they will enforce the law accordingly.

When you start Craigslist, you’ll quickly figure out that it’s organized by region and that you should stick with your own geographic region when you post anything for sale. On the top left you’ll see this: There are a lot of categories.

I recommend that you watch the video then read on since the text is much more informative. As you would imagine, Craigslist gets loads of spam so their filters are really REALLY good. Go to and select your local region or the desired region within which you want to sell your product.

When videos such as these get circulated all over the place, public opinion will accumulate towards the revision of the rules of procedure of the Legislative Council to cut off these types of antics.

Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching served to let the National People's Congress Standing Committee interpret Basic Law Article 104 and stop all future shenanigans around the oath of office.

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