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One man, Jim Penniston, got close enough to touch the side of the object.

Meanwhile, popstar Peter Andre claims to have seen "several UFOs" on a family trip to the Nevada desert.

Their theory is now the subject of a book called the 37th Parallel - and is about to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster in the next few months.

Chuck told Sun Online: “Back in 2006 I was looking at my cattle mutilation investigations - there were huge similarities between them all - most of them were laying on their right side, they’re laying east to west and then I noticed that lots of them were on the 37 degree latitude.

In the summer of 1947, a farmer discovered unidentifiable debris in his sheep fields just outside Roswell, New Mexico.

A local Air Force base claimed the debris came from a crashed hot air balloon, but many people reckon it's really the remains of a flying saucer.

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This question has caused debate and controversy among humans for centuries.

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