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In that time, they’ve managed to do what many pop punk bands fail at: reinvent themselves. We have [tour manager] Brian Southall on guitar and the band is called the Southalls for now.” P. 'Dad, your turn.' Dad just comes up to me and picks me up. They’ve stayed relevant; they’ve grown with their diehard fans and have adopted their young ones with open arms. Well, it’s hard to be certain, but one thing’s clear -- the guys are endlessly entertaining, fun, smart dudes. I'm told the band usually gets up around noon, and to show up to the show grounds around 1pm for soundcheck. Take a moment to be jealous while I continue on with my account of this magical day. I realize they're not soundchecking with any ATL songs. “A lot of the time the guys are doing something during soundcheck so if there are two or three of the guys are available, we'll soundcheck with the crew," he says. Come talk and take a picture.” Jack interjects: “You’re allowed to kiss and touch.” Rian stops him. "Especially with this tour -- it's the first time it's ever happened. A mom mentions meeting the guys on Warped Tour with her daughter almost a decade ago. "It's taken me 10 years to meet you," she says, and asks them to sign her boobs. "They've supported us and we're almost, in some ways, bigger there than we are in the States -- which is weird because we obviously didn't start there.

You couldn’t tell him that his best friend slapped you so hard your lip busted open. You start to rush towards him an then stop, this wasn’t the time to comfort him, even though you wanted to. It was nice, but you missed doing these things with Jack. It was early one morning when you were awoken by some kind of rustling in the guest bedroom you’d been calling home the last week or so. After not seeing that smile, or that face, for a week, after seeing it almost everyday for the last five years, it felt so good, and so right. ” He was leaning over you, his height making you feel very small. You bring your hand away, seeing that your lip was bleeding. You take them, resting them in your lap and then just look at him. I’m so disgusted with myself and I deserved every punch, and then some, that Alex laid on me the other day. I didn’t mean anything I said or did.” He gives you a sad look but you shake your head, bringing your hand up to your stinging face. “It’s taken me a week to finally convince Alex to let me in here to see you.” He takes a small step and sits on the edge of the bed. Now that he was closer to you, you see his eye is black and his lip is cut still. “These are for you.” He hands you the pink bundle of roses. I know what I did was wrong, I don’t know what came over me. I don’t care about what was said, that’s not the problem. I can’t believe I did it once, I hate myself for putting my hands on you like that.Alex was coming over later that night to see the new place. I’ll see you tonight." "Yeah, I’ll be by around 7." "Kay, see ya then.” With that you hang up, putting your phone down on the desk before getting up. “I could sit here all day and listen to you apologizing, and me saying that I’m afraid it will happen again, but let’s just cut to the chase.” You start, he stays silent, just looking at you, tears continuing to fall down his cheeks. This is just a bump in the road, a very large bump that will take time to recover from, but we will recover. Him and his girlfriend, Lisa, had been out of town for the last week and hadn’t been able to see the place yet. You leave your and Jack’s makeshift office, making your way down the hall and into the kitchen where you hear him banging around as he put things away. ” You greet, entering the room.“Hmph.” Jack grumbles in response, keeping his back to you.

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“I’ll take you back home, Lisa can make us dinner or something.

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