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To break it down really quickly, in order to deliver that volume of free porn, our servers streamed 99 Gigabytes of data every second.To help put this into perspective, try to picture the size of a 16GB USB stick.Some stand outs include ‘lesbian’ which is by far more popular in North America and Australia than anywhere else.‘Hentai’ is shaded a dark orange in Asia (more specifically China, the Philippines, Thailand and Japan) where it is most popular.‘Lesbian scissoring’ jumped a couple dozen positions to make the top 20 this year.An all-new term that shot into our top search terms lists of 2016 is ‘Overwatch’, in reference to the popular video game released earlier this year.

Overall it’s been a pretty steady ride, but boy are we excited to kick off a new chapter!Other terms that were highly popular among Americans this year include ‘ebony’ (jumping 12 spots from last year), ‘lesbian scissoring’ ( 18 spots), ‘massage’ ( 63 spots) and the greatest increase of all, ‘overwatch’ (up 452 spots from 2015).Some terms that still made our list but dropped in popularity include ‘teen’, ‘black’, ‘anal’ and ‘celebrity sex tape’.Notably, Japan jumped 7 spots making it into our top 5 this year, pushing Germany (now in 7place) out of the top 5 for the first time since 2013.As always, the United States dominates this list, driving a whopping 40% of visits to the site, with the UK following in second place and Canada, a close 3.

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