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They usually play online card, arcade, or MMORPG games.Competitive game players (ages 18 and up) start coming in at 8pm and usually stay for several hours or all night.Biggest displacements due to addiction include sleep, school, homework, promises to meet with friends and time spent with friends.The law mainly targets PC online games as well as consoles with online features.The game's publisher Blizzard Entertainment has arranged deals with many PC bangs to allow anyone using the site to play Overwatch without purchasing the game as part of the hourly fee.Because of the competitive and youthful nature of the average PC bang user, many of these players use tools like aimbots to gain the upper edge in Overwatch matches as to show off to friends.Currently 25 million citizens are using the Internet, and 14.4 million Korean homes are equipped with Internet access.

Around dinner time, teenagers and young adults come in.It gained immense popularity, a first for such type of cafe.From 1988 to 1993, the press had labeled such cafes as "electronic cafe"; however, after the opening of BNC, labels such as "modem cafe", "network cafe", and "cyber cafe" have been introduced by the press.With computer and Internet access so readily available to the public, both at home and at the PC-Bangs, gaming addiction has become a concern.The consequences of several amount of hours spent at the PC bang gaming and the strong need to compete causes increased addiction and displacement problems of the Korean PC-Bang users.

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